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It's true: Many individuals offer coaching and, depending on the required goals, the hallmark of a useful and effective coach need NOT ALWAYS demand advanced education or the highest academic degree available or credentials from authorities!

But in matters of personal growth and development, interpersonal skills and understanding the underlying psychological functioning of yourself and other people, groups and organizations, wouldn't YOU want a coach with specialized education, traing and expertise to help guide you, motivate you and keep you on track?


Dr. A. offers coaching with a psycho-educational foundation to individuals seeking personal growth and development, entrepeneurs seeking to leverage their personal skills, vision and talent into something greter than themselves and middle-management and executive suite individuals seeking improvement in their own or their organization's level of performance. Please click on the pages of interest for more information.

Please note that coaching provided by Dr. A. is NOT the same as clinical psychotherapy and is NOT a replacement for any psychological treatment.