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By now, probably EVERYONE in business knows the importance of psychology in the effective daily functioning of organizations. Funny thing, though: Most of the organizational assessments and team building and training that is done in business ISN'T DONE by psychologists! Usually, a business invites one of the big "CONSULTING" firms, staffed by MBAs or other professisonals, to do the work. That means that people NOT TRAINED as clinical psychologists are tasked with providing vital psychological information to CEOs, Directorial Boards and Venture firms about employees, managers, ad campaigns, focus groups and nearly every other business function that a modern business relies upon to grow and prosper.

Why is that?

If you want an assessment of your organization, team or staff - you're asking for a functional analysis of the daily psychological functioning of a living organism. YOUR BUSINESS IS THAT ORGANISM.

Why not ask for an assessment by a professional that's SPECIALLY TRAINED to provide psychological input, remediation and training? That's right: Ask a psychologist. (Who do you think trains the MBA students in their graduate programs?)

Typically, organizational and team assessments are an in-depth look at your organization or team via individual interviews. You help create the questions we ask in a confidential interview. We then survey your participants regarding critical organizational and leadership issues. A summary report delineates strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. The organizational assessment helps by getting a clear representation of existing strengths and development areas, developing trust regarding the program from participants and establishing the accurate, current reality to customize the training and measure its success.

The corporate traing provided by Dr. Abruzzese goes beyond the typical Myers Briggs Personality Test or 360 degree evaluations. Each organizational, team and system assessment designed by Dr. A. is specifically tailored to meet the business needs of the organization or management and  involves the same level of committment he brings to individual assessments based upon the years of specialized training he has in cognitive and behavioral functioning.

WHy wait? Find out how Dr. A. can help YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION today!