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Why Listen To Me?

Psychology is like land. No matter what structure you want to build, whether it is a tree house or a huge hotel, you need solid land to build upon. You can try to build on water, or in the air, but it won't work very well. You need land if you want to build a solid structure. Or to rebuild one. When it comes to building any type of building or structure meant to last, you first start with the land.

You need a solid foundation to build on.

And when it comes to building a life, your life, you must create relationships.  Human existence is based upon relationships. Our lives are a compilation of our relationships. 

Human relationships are like the buildings upon the land. 


And all human relationships are about psychology. Whether you are building, nurturing, repairing, improving, maintaining or finally letting go of interpersonal relationships, you are employing psychology. I was professionally educated at a time when it was expected that "Psychology" would be "given away" to as many people as possible, but the predominant model was the medical model of sitting in your office and treating patients one-at-a-time. 

Although I have also taught at colleges and have spoken to parent and professional groups, it didn't take a genius to realize that no matter HOW many hours a week I and every other psychologist worked, we could NEVER reach as many people as would benefit from knowing about psychology and how it could improve their lives. Add to that the ever increasing "insurance-creep" of health care coverage and the result is that the knowledge I had was essentially becoming "rationed" and controlled by bigger and bigger insurance companies and income: Individuals needed to pay for the "right" kind of insurance to get psychological therapy of any type. Or try and find it in college classes and community health centers. There had to be a better way to put psychology into the hands of those who needed it.

The internet and book publishing provided a better way. A better way to level the playing field and put more psychology into the hands of more people all around the world, either for free, through credible sites on the Internet, or, for essentially the cost of just ONE doctor's office visit insurance co-pay, by buying a a specialized book.  

So that's what I decided to do - establish informational websites, publications and professional speaker programs to help put psychology into the hands of the people who might need it most, faster and better than the old medical service model would permit.


Let me know how I've done, OK?


Michael Abruzzese, MA., MA., Ph.D., HSPP