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Dr. A. has been a teacher in private schools, a school psychologist in public schools and a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, Tufts University School of Medicine and other colleges and universities. He's taught middle school students in Russia, lectured professional audiences in Amsterdam, Greece and the United States, instructed freshmen, upper classes and graduate students at colleges and universities and conducted assessments for the government and the Court system.

"Two things are clear to me after all these years of teaching, training and assessing children, adolescents and adults in the East and West: 

"First lesson?  A good education – or the lack of one – is a life changing experience. 

"Second lesson? EVERYONE can learn to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations with the right teacher or learning coach – even if they are experiencing learning disabilities or behavioral issues. Everyone can learn to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations."  -  Dr. A.


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