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Here's what past seminar and program participants have said about Dr. Abruzzese's presentations:

"There's no fluff with Dr. A."

"Dr. Abruzzese over-delivers and how!" 

"He's very direct. Don't ask him if you don't want a straight answer."

"An intelligent and heartfelt clinician. Far more appealing and useful than any other (trainer) I've had."


"Whatever Dr. Abruzzese offers, I would like to participate!"

"This was a wonderful presentation!. Very effective presenter!! Please have him do some more, I'd come again."

"A lot of material fit into a short time. Handled well."

"Dr. A. gave a concise, vivid, communicative presentation."

"Absolutely excellent presentation, by far the best presentation at the seminars!"

"One hour is too short!"

"Excellent program. I can always relate some of his remarks to what I do!"

"Did a fabulous job to fit a 3 hour presentation into 1 hour."

"I would like to go to an extended workshop with Dr. Abruzzese."

"The overall quality of the workshop was excellent."

"I'm excited to try Dr. Mike's technique with my kids."

"The overall quality of this workshop was great."

"Presented ideas effectively and clearly, but still lighthearted and fun."

"I was given ideas to handle things easily and consistently."

"Great! It's easy to leave the program and use the techniques!"

"Dr. A was easy to listen to and presented excellent examples with humor within his program."

"Very good - sure kept the audience's attention."

"Very informative and very helpful."

"Great way of thinking I can work into my classroom."

"Wonderful, clear, humorous and realistic."

"Excellent - very enjoyable and worthwhile."

"Very good - easy to listen to and learn from."

"Really helpful and informative."

"Excellent presentation."

"It was great!"

"Michael is creative and seemed to be able to invent creative ways to use while meeting the needs of his clients."

"Would want to call him for help…Interested in further training with him."

"Nice job!"

"Excellent presenter who knows his material.

"The handouts were perfect."

"He was an excellent presenter with a lot of good alternatives ways to provide treatment to children."

"Lots of knowledge to give."

"Excellent program, informative, useful." 

"Very comprehensive."

"He had a wealth of knowledge and conveyed it well with rich examples. I'd take further training from him to learn more."

"Case presentations were extremely useful."

"Excellent material."