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Your event is important. For an inspirational way of addressing any topic that is sure to entertain and educate, Dr. A. is happy to custom design a program pertinent to your audience, whether it's for high school or college students, a parent informational gathering, a professional teacher training or corporate event, or simply a motivational evening.

Some of Dr. A.'s Programs For Schools and Colleges:
  • Teacher Training: Reaching LD and NVLD Students In The Classroom.
  • How To Study: College Student Challenges In The Freshman Year.
  • Leadership Tips For College Students.
  • How to Be A More Valued Employee.
  • The REAL Psych 101: The Basics of Psychology For Self-Development.
  • How To Help Your Child Overcome Learning Difficulties.
Some of Dr. A.'s Programs For Entrepeneurs:
  • Staff Training: How To Clone Yourself, Only Better.    
  • Who Are You? Personality Types And How They Fare As Bosses, Entrepeneurs And Managers. 
  • Leadership Tips For Mavericks.
  • Power Psychology In The Garage....or Basement.
  • How to Get Yourself Fired.
  • You Did WHAT? How To Tell If You Have A Learning Disability.
  • Psych 101 For Entrepeneurs: What You Don't Know CAN Hinder You.
Some of Dr. A.'s Programs For Executives:
  • Staff Training: How To Recognize And Accomodate LD and NVLD Employees under ADA.
  • Beyond the MBTI: You Don't Need Gasoline To Light A Good Fire. 
  • How To Downsize Without Risking Workplace Violence.
  • Power Psychology In The Executive Suite And Surrounding Areas.
  • Dealing With Difficult Managers.
  • Customer Service? What's That? Running A 5 Star Service Organization.
  • Overcoming Obstacles And Exceeding Expectations.

A personal note from Dr. A. -

Helping people overcome obstacles and exceed expectations is my passion and I'd love to come to your college, workplace or organization to show you how to use psychology to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations. Select me as your next speaker, coach or trainer and see what a difference we can make by working together.


Michael Abruzzese, M.A., M.A., Ph.D., HSPP