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Overcoming obstacles and exceeding expectations invariably lead to one result: Leadership. And leaders inspire others to overcome obstacles and exceed expectation also. So who will you inspire – family and friends? Students and teachers? Interns and employees? Upper management and investors?

Dr A’s clients have included hospitals, insurance companies, lawyers, district courts, public school systems, local businesses and major universities, as well as continuing education organizations and professional organizations and individuals of all ages. Maybe now it’s your turn?

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Individual and group coaching services are also available.

Issues Addressed: The original 17 volume edition of Napoleon Hill’s 1925 classic “Law of Success.”

Overview:  Best known for his book, “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill first came to public notice when Andrew Carnegie, then the world’s richest man,  became intrigued with Hill during an interview. He commissioned Hill to meet other great men of the age and interview them to gather their experiences into a collected work to show others how to become successful in the modern world. Hill agreed and interviewed Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and many notable successful men of the gilded age. Just about all of Hill’s ideas have been adopted by successful people, even to this day, including the concept of the MasterMind group.

Audience:  General Audiences of All Ages

Format: Keynote or Workshop. Webinar and Conference Call format also available

Length: 20 minutes to 90 minutes, including Q&A

 Invite Dr. A. to help you learn the Law Of Success!

Issues Addressed: Getting to “Yes” is easier than it seems, once you know how.

Overview:  Social psychologists and neuroscientists know that our brain – actually, it might be more appropriate to refer to “our many brains”- is hardwired in surprising and mysterious ways that enhance and restrict our ability to change our own – as well as others’ – decisions. Unless you hold the keys to unlocking the “secrets.” Psychology provides those keys.

Audience:  Sales Professionals in all fields.

Format: Keynote or Workshop. Webinar, Conference Call and ongoing supervision format also available.

Length: 20 minutes to 90 minutes, including Q&A.

  Invite Dr. A. to help you improve your sales ratio!

Issues Addressed: This is a Mentoring/Coaching group strongly based upon Napoleon Hill’s original Master Mind concept as outlined in Hill’s Law of Success.

Overview:   Ever since Napoleon Hill wrote his masterwork, Law of Success, people have been misinterpreting Hill’s concept of the “Master Mind.” His theory of “MasterMinds” is based on attuning 2 or more minds in the same direction to achieve success by multiple brains – kind of like the modern day technique of linking individual personal computers together to create a single Super computer.

Stronger than one mind/computer alone, developing the “harmonious alliance of two or more minds, out of which grows a Master Mind”

Hill’s Master Mind is not a support group or a bunch of diverse people getting together to create a “Mastermind group.” While similar, but divergent, perspectives may help foster creativity, that is not what Hill was speaking about.

Building upon Hill’s original work (at over one thousand pages) Dr. A. will match individuals into small groups based upon the results of The Ultimate Assessment. Every group will also include Dr.A. may be as small as just two people.

Audience:  Ages 21 and over

Format: Webinar, Skype, Conference Calls or other media. This is not a workshop.

Length: 20-45 minutes, every week for 4-6 weeks. Includes Q&A

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