The 24/7 Work Day

In the modern world, professional development is not longer limited to work environments.

For many individuals, their sense of well-being and fulfillment is inexorably linked with their professional development and accomplishment. But work environments have changed and there is a blurring of the lines between professional time and personal time. This creates a perfect opportunity to employ psychological techniques common to lifestyle development into an individual’s own life, fueling creativity and passion into any professional endeavor, whether as a solo practitioner, entrepreneur, techie, corporate employee or senior management.

With a history of bringing psychology to individuals and team members at all levels of their career development, Dr. A. can develop any specialized training, coaching or remediation to your HR, Executive or Boardroom needs, including, downsizing, re-organization, consolidation and personal conduct needs.

Why settle for the same old boring, routine training or team meeting when you can offer state of the art Best Practices quality?

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Issues Addressed: Unlike typical performance reviews conducted by corporate organizational psychologists or folks armed with MBAs, a performance evaluation by a clinical psychologist goes far beyond the typical  corporate environment “review.”  Why just settle for looking in the rear-view mirror? Go the extra mile to learn what common psychological or academic obstacles might be complicating your life, holding you back at work or complicating your personal, family and professional relationships.

Overview:  Most people make it through school and college without ever realizing that they may have some type of self-limiting behavioral or learning problem that interfered with getting better grades or finding a better job or having a better relationship with others.

This individual assessment is designed to identify common, but often hidden, problems that create obstacles to an individual’s personal growth and development.  It may screen for such common issues as anxiety, depression and verbal and non-verbal learning disabilities.

Drawing from psychological research, observational data and self-report measures, Dr. A. (not a team member) will assign and review assessment material from individuals interested in seeking more knowledge about themselves.

Specifically, this program focuses on one  individual at a time and is focused on providing psych-educational and informative self-knowedge to those who want to know if they are self-sabotaging their own progress.

This program may be combined with an optional on-going Mentoring/Coaching group lead by Dr. A. (not a team member).

Answers the following questions:  This personalized individual evaluation focuses on uncovering any common behavioral or learning problems and includes recommendations about them.

Audience:  Ages 21 and over

Format: 1:1 interaction though office visit, Web, Skype, or other media. NOTE: This is not a workshop.

Length: Usually completed within 2 weeks, including Q&A

Learning Objectives: Participants completing this assessment will be able to:

  1. Learn how common behavioral problems may be impacting their activities of daily living.
  2. Define those problems and how they might interfere with achieving goals.
  3. List four recommendations they may implement to help resolve any noted problems.

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Issues Addressed: Management is a cooperative function, not a coercive or competitive one. 

Overview:  Life is difficult. Work can be hard, especially if you’re not the boss. The levels of depression, stress and anxiety at work are at very high levels, as is evidenced by increasing accounts of harassment, workplace violence, static wages and dwindling promotion opportunities. Drawing upon decades of research, this program offers tips and techniques about how contractors and employees can achieve mastery, resilience and optimism in their everyday work environment. Learn to feel better about your job and get more done, better.

Audience:  General Audiences of Working Ages

Format: Keynote or Workshop. Webinar and Conference Call format also available

Length: 20 minutes to 90 minutes, including Q&A

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