“Life is a mental game. Don’t choke.” – Kobe Bryant

Backed by almost 40 years of research, teaching and clinical work, Dr. A.’s message stands out as unique for helping individuals and organizations to overcome obstacles, exceed expectations and inspire others.

Having taught and lectured at major universities, leading medical schools and business organizations, Dr. A.’s information and advice is always positive, inspirational and focused on real-world solutions to everyday problems.

Dr. A. has spoken around the world and testified as an expert witness almost 300 times. He is an author, lecturer, and clinician of remarkable insight and a powerful communicator.

“He had a wealth of knowledge and conveyed it well with rich examples. I’d take further training from him to learn more.”Manager, Palo Alto, CA

“Excellent program. I can always relate some of his remarks to what I do !”
-Teacher, Boston, MA

Dr. A. is always direct and provocative, with a clear point of view that challenges conventional wisdom when necessary and supportive of his audience and students while helping them build on their existing knowledge base to help them move forward.

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